Day 3 (Happiness)…

You and I are wired to chase metrics over meaning. It’s easier. Most Americans know their net worth. Few know themselves. Becoming BTL takes a lot of solitary confinement. You must go to your room and come to love not loathe alone time. Happiness, remember, is a horrible aim but a wonderful outcome.

So, this morning, afternoon, or evening, begin to find time for more of you. Take care spiritually, mentally, physically, relationally, and quiet the self shaming self talk. Most of us have a little voice deeply rooted in our past. It doesn’t know the new you and doesn’t want you to either. Quiet the drunk. Seek light. Keep seeking.

It’s only day three and you’re making progress even though it’s a long, hard climb still ahead. Look back and notice the trailhead has disappeared from sight. We’re climbing. We’re working. We’re making progress. We are all a work in process. Head up now. Grab a hand. Give one too. I’m happy you’re here. You?

7 thoughts on “Day 3 (Happiness)…

  1. I’ve always loved the stillness of the woods, the further away from everyone the better. That’s where I would feel closest to the Lord. I’m continuing to learn that I can find that anywhere, but it takes some work. Toward the end of last year I began to regularly meditate. I noticed that a short meditation did what the blood pressure drugs struggle to do – I saw my numbers drop. Just a little sitting quietly, watching my breath, listening to my body, sitting.
    Mr. Nee taught about sitting, first. Time for yet another read through of that, and I’m sure it will hit me all sorts of different.
    I’m 3 days into 30 days of Yoga. A first for me other than a rogue class or two decades ago. 30-50 minutes of active meditation, showing me loud and clear all my weak spots. Some acute pain to deal with the chronic. Good.
    I’m consciously slowing down in order to connect with my path, my journey, my OPUS.
    I’m surprised at the calm direction it brings.
    Habbukuk’s prayer this morning reminds me to wait patiently in the Lord and to rejoice. What better way to wait – than sitting with the Lord, rejoicing in Belief. Turns out the the pursuit of the right path begins with sitting quietly with Him. Turns out that leading myself to sit in some prayer, some acute pain, some quiet calm, is exactly where I was to meet God and continue chasing that relationship with him as well as the relationship with myself. I’m leading me, first.

  2. Historically I have always been in a hurry, in the pursuit of “success” in the name of “productivity.” As I sit here reflecting on this, I realize that often I fall into the trap of believing that a certain level of success, accomplishment, title, income, etc. will make me happy. Although I’m am embarrassed to admit, my measuring stick for this so called “success” is how am I matching up to others. Doing my best isn’t enough if someone else is doing better. I know this thinking is wrong and is a sure fire path to frustration and the endless pursuit of a mirage in the desert. This is a game I will never win. This is the wrong measure stick and a clear indicator or a weak core (Thanks Andy).

    I’m learning to slow down. What am I actually trying to accomplish, where am I heading. For so many years I’ve been so busy climbing the ladder that I haven’t slowed down long enough to look at the building it was leaning on. Each rung has brought more of this so called “success,” yet there is still this constant pursuit of happiness and dissonance running in the background. I’m becoming more and more sensitive to this dissonance and instead of looking for ways to numb or distract myself from it, I’m leaning in, going deeper, and asking better questions. Why. Who knew 3 letters could be so challenging.

    Before I can lead others, I must first lead myself. Easier said than done. Lord, help to remind me to slow down and remind me that movement does not mean progress.

  3. In the past, my life revolved around my job and what I can do to create more income. I was chasing the dollar bill and how I could get the next promotion. I found that no matter how much more money my job brought in, it wasn’t truly making me happy. There wasn’t significance behind what I was doing (and still am), there wasn’t purpose.

    Life has changed a lot. We say what a difference a year can make, it can certainly bring a lot. So 3 (or 4?) years can change everything and it did. Going from single, chasing promotions, spending time in solitude drinking & playing video games to now a life married, planning to start a family soon, chasing a relationship with Christ, spending time building REALationships and pouring myself into others in whatever ways I can. I’m not sitting here writing and saying that I’ve cracked the code, far from it. But I’m growing in understanding.

    I’m starting to find that my happiness grows from how much I can serve and pour into others, have an impact on other’s lives, it comes from building a life alongside my wife, my true friends bring out the best in me, and my relationship with my Father continues to keep me on a right path and grounded. While that brings me happiness, it’s hard for me to not be hard & down on myself when it comes to physical progression (or success). An area that I pray that I continue to mature and take the pressure off myself. An area that I believe will dwindle as I answer: why I do what I do? Deep down, am I still chasing what the world calls success or chasing a purpose? Am I doing everything with the right heart, with love? Questions I pray to understand and answer thru this journey.

  4. Yup this one is simple but far from easy. Not only are we wired to chase metrics but we’ve been trained, motivated and rewarded to do so. In my case an undergrad degree in Industrial Engineering, an MBA and running two companies let me to believe it all depended on me. When things went south, I became the lightning rod for those who demanded solutions.

    Over the years I remember vividly a few moments of clarity and stillness, reflecting on things bigger than “results.” Alone, in the woods, at a lake or ocean, looking at the stars on a dark night, in the midst of a thunderstorm – reflecting on my smallness and a very large God.

    Over the past decade or so I’ve taken time at the start of each day to sit alone to pray, meditate, write and seek wisdom from the Lord. That time has grown to more than an hour most mornings and is usually the highlight of my day. What I am learning is the difference between the WORD and the WORLD, between things that will burn and things that will last, between treasure on earth and treasure in heaven. I’m learning that all I have to offer is me, and that all I need is Him. I have so much more to learn, to remember, to live.

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