Day 5 (Builder’s journey)…

You and I are designed to love the Shire and leave it too. Your Builder’s journey is hard OPUS. This is by design. The good life, as I described to a client this early am, is not meant to be the easy life. In fact, great lives are defined by ones ability to do hard things well. We mainly develop this skill by learning to do hard things, not so well.

So, friend, get on your Builder’s journey. Expect conflict both internal and external. As I told another client in practice just moments ago when responding to his conflict of wanting to be the conquering hero and doting husband too – I haven’t met the human who wants their partner with them all the time. Stop fretting about being away and missing stuff. We all do. Deal with the conflict. And, remember this, she wants ALL of you some of the time. Give her this. Give your partner full attention some of the time.

Your Builder’s journey requires you to leave the Shire, oftentimes torn between two loves. This too is the great life. Embrace it. Remember, you can’t take the ring and not leave the Shire…

3 thoughts on “Day 5 (Builder’s journey)…

  1. Seems we expect either/or when life gives us both/and. We have to be present, awake, and active in making our choices moment by moment. We must be putting energy into the system, to practice, to eat, to sleep, to work, to move, to act. You can only coast going downhill. The Master says, “follow me.” Then he adds, “the world will hate you.” It ain’t easy!

  2. I love a good story, especially one of a hero’s journey. I just finished “Pappyland” by Wright Thompson. Whether you enjoy a good whiskey or not, this is a journey of tradition, family and craftsmanship. Of letting go of the past and reinventing the future, while staying connected to your roots. A story of always doing what is right, of enough, of father-son relationships, and of expectations.
    I am letting go of what doesn’t serve me in order to write the direction of my own journey, imagining and dreaming bigger, if I only leave the shire. Knowing who I am is the fist step, and I’m finding it a difficult but worthwhile one. Clarity is coming.

  3. One of the reasons I have become such an avid believer in the work of BTL is because there are very few individuals I have seen, fewer that I have met, who have a labor of love. Most, including myself at times, are driven by a multitude of other motivators. Financial gain, ego, status, comfort, the list is endless. Few sustain as they perspire, most disdain as they tire.

    I have wrestled with this idea for some time. The idea of marrying work and play, where the two intertwine, seems almost surreal. Regardless of the job I have had personally, more often than not the honeymoon phase wears off, and what was once a new and exciting adventure quickly turns into counting down the days to Friday. There has always been a clear line that separates work and play.

    I do not have clarity on my overarching vision, but I know one way that I am deeply driven and moved is when I’m serving others. What has gotten me thorough the valleys in my career in business is through the pursuit of serving and helping another. It’s amazing how quickly you forget about your garbage when you’re focus on helping another.

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