Day 12 (Worldview)…

Yesterday, during practice 25 with a fabulous team of Head Coaches, we followed the lead of a golfer and were brought to our knees by the thoughts of a grappler. I love both of ‘em. The golfer decided our direction for practice. The grappler shared his heart. We laughed and cried together. It was real, raw, and reflected perfectly the process of Becoming BTL. I led a team of leaders the only way you really can – by letting them grab the reins and then “anding” their ideas.

Remember, leader, your leaders are no different – they mostly listen to their own ideas. The stronger you become in your most bolted on beliefs (worldview), the more easily you give up control. Let that sink in for a moment or three. Where are you holding on too tightly? Why are you afraid to let go? Are you always the only option?

Today, during another tremendous practice with a talented, young business owner, we shared some truth. He has a lot going on. I mean it’s a lot. He’s getting overwhelmed in many of his MOT (moments of truth). I told him to embrace this. Life is hard, remember. You are going to fail a ton as a leader, husband, father, son, neighbor, owner, entrepreneur, and any other identity you attempt to integrate. Embrace the fails. Learn from each one of them. Learn and level up. Hard on self, not down on self. Don’t be a dumbass and allow fails to make you think you’re a failure. Fail. Learn. Level up. Focus here.

Focus on the good.

As Grappy shared yesterday, we all have unexplainable burdens to bear. You don’t have to bear them a lone. Instead, ask for help. Be vulnerable. Speak truth. And, do not ruminate on the negative or burdensome. Marinate on the good. Grappy challenged his peers to marinate on the good. I challenged my client, likewise, this early am. Marinate on the good. Here’s the truth. The grass is not greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it. What thoughts are you watering, friend? Water the good. Good…

2 thoughts on “Day 12 (Worldview)…

  1. I’m holding on too tightly to what I think the world might think – which sounds as ridiculous as it is. I’m working on loving myself first, on building my CORE(s), and not living in fear but in LOVE. I read a lot of Fear Nots/do not fear/do this instead in the good book this morning. Seems about right that the two books continue to overlap.
    Grappy’s quote just knocked me across the head like a 2×4, as I was vulnerable last night, sharing the burden, and slept with ease as well. Interesting. Today I’ll speak more truth, marinate on my loves and water the good stuff.

  2. Seems to me you can’t give up control, only the illusion of control. Fact is, we control very little. We cannot control external events that impact us or what others think or do. We only control our response to these things, what TK calls our R Factor. With a strong CORE we have the opportunity to slow down and align our responses with our CORE. We have the opportunity to be authentic leaders, to love, to influence others, to guide outcomes. But control….I give up!

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