Day 11 (Always together)…

You have an authentic swing, right Bagger? This thing called life is where we find it. We will over swing and over reach. We will try to guide it on days we don’t trust it. We will try to swing like so and so and feel out of place. We will try to fit in and do it the way the industry guides us. We will find our authentic swing and forget it. We will find our authentic swing and overly rely on it.

Trust the process, friends. You are weak in your CORE. Start here. Build a stronger sense of self. Stop comparing your insides to another’s outsides. Compare yourself to your former self. See the progress. Celebrate strength and growth. Author an authentic OPUS. Dream big. Keep reaching for better. Understand your limitations but don’t accept them. Develop the discipline of your playbook of productive action (PoP). Have fun with it. Play with it. And, when you find your authentic swing nobody will have to tell you. You’ll feel it, just like Junuh did.

You’re Junuh. We’re your Bagger Vance.

Together we transform. Always together. Stop comparing yourself to your Bobby Jones. Compare yourself to your former self. See the progress. Esteem yourself. Gain confidence, conviction, and clarity on your way to a life of OPUS. You see, friend, life is hard. Hard opus you sustain as you tire. Hard labor you disdain as you perspire. Are you on your highway or someone else’s? My way IS the highway. Is yours?

Live hard. Love harder. Is this starting to make sense…

3 thoughts on “Day 11 (Always together)…

  1. There’s a lot to unpack here still, but one melody line I keep hearing is doing hard things well requires doing hard things, not well. I began a daily yoga practice a couple weeks ago to work out some “kinks” in these old joints. I’m working hard doing a hard things pretty poorly and I’m loving it. My CORE is getting stronger, I’m learning a lot about posture and resetting my foundation. So Good. A great mental and physical practice that will help in all other areas. One little part of my journey.

  2. Today during practice with Andy we continued working through my Worldview, my ” I believe statements.” One that we rinsed over was my belief that leading myself will be the biggest challenge that I ever face. Fact. Currently, the reason this is such a tough road to hoe is because up until recently, I have not done the hard work to define and deepen my beliefs. Sure I’ve had success and have accomplished, but not with a deliberate intentionality. Instead of living through my worldview, I have fallen victim to using the worlds definition of success and using others as my measuring stick. Instead of basing my success on my previous performance, I base it on those closest to me. This has proven to be a disaster of a formula for defining success and finding fulfillment.

    Awaken, change, and transform. I am currently in the process of awakening and am becoming more and more aware of who I am, while reshaping my definition of success. Lord help remind me to run my race and find my pace. This one is on me, but I’m thankful to not go at it alone.

  3. A couple years ago I wrote out my Worldview ‘I believe’ statements and so I’ve been reassessing and rewriting for the past few days. I’m amazed at what has not changed, and I’m surprised at what has. The process is good, but slow. These are deeply held, but do they stand the test of driving my though processes and behavior? Not always! I do-fail-learn, do-fail-learn…until I grow to become who I was created to be.

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