Day 10 (The melody line of BTL)…

Becoming BTL involves finding the melody line and then a thousand nuances and a thousand more. Let’s start with finding the melody line. CORE, OPUS, PoP. This is the melody line. Discovering and cultivating who you are. Authoring an authentic aim for work and life. And the discipline of productive action. CORE. OPUS. PoP.

CORE. Start here. Never stop nuancing. Once you have clarity within, drawing clarity for your aim (OPUS) comes into focus. And, when you know who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going, it only makes sense to develop your PoP (playbook of productive action) to ensure you work your plan.

Most humans just get busy.

There’s always something urgent that gets in the way, something others demand, and something we’re responsible for. So, most of us just live busy, productive lives filled with more compromises and little conviction. Slowly we settle into a well worn, comfortable rut and take up residence well beneath our capacity. We settle.

Becoming BTL requires we build a bit more dangerously, doesn’t it. We take up residence just this side of chaos, nowhere within sight of victim hood. We play with fire on our way to getting lit. Sure, we get burned from time to time, just part of the gig when you use your matches. We keep playing as we labor in love.

What about you? Are you finding your melody line first? Are you discovering who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going, and why it matters? Are you mastering the art of living? Do not become distracted and disenchanted. Do not allow obstacles or others define you. Do not let fear inform your thinking. Grab a hand. Give one too. Keep climbing. Day 10 is good. You?

3 thoughts on “Day 10 (The melody line of BTL)…

  1. I’ll never forget DD saying, “I believe in you.” It hit me hard. What hit me harder, looking back, was how much I wanted and needed to hear it. I began to use that gift, and found others needed to hear it as well. It began to change me, and I began to change others. Belief is just so vital. What took longer was understanding how important it was for me to believe in ME. Then…well, the belief just flows now. It flows into my kids and my wife and myself and the kids at youth group and nephews and nieces. I’m just beginning, but that was a big step. I love the word. I have told grown men I believe int them and I can tell by their eyes they hadn’t heard it. I can tell by their eyes that they needed it. What a gift, to give belief. Day 10 is good. I am good.

  2. OK this one is tough. Believe in me? Well, sure, most of the time. But this one is tough. Never did I expect that I’d start my 70th year on the planet broke and unemployed. That’s a MOT. But I must be careful about that Truth! Clearly there are more important things than a bank account and a job. The Master said, “Seek first the kingdom and I’ll take care of all that.” That’s the Truth I choose to believe.

    I know whose I am, but I’m still working on who I am. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I show up every Wednesday morning in Matt’s basement (or Zoom lately). That’s why I spend the first hour every day with the Master and talk with him regularly throughout the day. I’ve always been a good student but am apparently a slow learner. I’m struggling, but that’s good.

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