Day 14 (I am)…

This early am a team assembled on my driveway in utter darkness. The first arrived early to stretch. PJ arrived last. He’s the youngest, of course. After 48:48 the timer beeped three times, the work was complete. PJ and Blondie had to run to work, but Kevin, jmo, Slo, and I did our customary walk around the block. As we headed back to the barn, Kevin commented that the main reason he drives 45 minutes to get to this workout every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is due to the driveway drivel – the incessant trash talk. He said it makes it all worthwhile. We laughed in unison as we all agreed the chatter takes the mind off the acute pain.

I told this team how fortunate we are to be able to choose this suffering. There are so many souls our age that cannot do much. I have two relatives whose bodies have betrayed them. Both are bed ridden. They can’t breathe. This is unchosen suffering. Sucks. I told the 3PP team this, not to be a Debbie downer but to remind them that we are blessed to be here with able bodies, at least for now. Appreciate this gift. Do not take it for granted. Keep training hard. Never stop. It is only right that we make each other do what we can, I reminded them. As we turned left onto Pennington Court, Kevin shared a joke, Slo “added,” and jmo and I laughed as we savored another moment together.

While we work we enjoy the camaraderie of suffering. While we walk we enjoy the camaraderie that comes from being brothers. We are learning to enjoy doing hard things together. We are learning to hold each other – to pull and be pulled up whatever obstacle is in our way. We are learning to become ourselves and deeply connect with other selves. We refuse to take up residency in victim hood. We prefer our brotherhood.

I am Toto. Who are you?

2 thoughts on “Day 14 (I am)…

  1. I am so intrigued by this part of the book – “…becoming the original you already are, but you’ve just been too afraid to be.” I’ve felt this, and I still fight this, though it’s much easier to fight that feeling as I understand my distinct gifts and accept my own challenges. Interesting to think about from my perspective…absolutely intriguing to think about in the realm of raising little kids. Every single day I try to make sure they feel good about who they are, what they want, what they find interesting. More so even now, learning what I’m learning about people and myself. Time to go write more, thanks Chet.

  2. I am…
    A follower of Christ. I’ve chosen to renounce self will in order to find life, truth and love in Him alone.
    Head of my family. A good husband to Robin; a good ‘Dad’ to Josh, Dan, Dinah, Justin, Tacey and Jacob; and a good ‘Papa’ to Norah, Audrey, Mae, Leo, Stella, Elissia, Owen, Isaac, William III, Anderson, Hunter, Blaire and Kate.
    A builder. I am energized by connecting deeply as part of a high performing team
    A creator of value. I see challenges and opportunities as opportunities to create value for ‘customers, employees and owners’ as in a business.
    A musician. Listening to and creating music refreshes me.

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