Day 15 (Principles)…

My three principles are model the way, embrace pain (acute) and suffering (chosen), and embody truth in Love. I model the way in passionate pursuit of my OPUS. I also model the way in NOT doing what weakens me. I don’t half ass anything. This decision on what I don’t do has been more life giving than anything I’ve done. Choosing what I will not do is the berries. Most of my family, friends, and clients suck at not doing. The world wants you to half ass everything – keeps you playing small. I just invested five hours rewatching the movie The Right Stuff. It had been three years since taking movie notes on this bad boy. So, this week, I watched and retook my notes. I found five new scenes worthy of making it into BTL team practice coming soon to a team near you. I chose to do because I had the time…

Your principles inform what you do. Just as importantly, they inform what you will not do. Nobody has time. Nobody controls time. Nobody is guaranteed time. Mastering the art of living is about being who you are in this present moment you’ve been given. Are you beginning to see the weakness in your CORE, friend? Life giving strength is only built when you know where exactly you want to become strong. Do you? Are your principles guiding you to live and work in alignment with who you are? Does your yes mean yes and your no mean no? Are you rooting out your bullshit or still spreading it for others and yourself to step into as we try to dance around it?

My number one pet peeve is bullshit. I’m nowhere near living my principle of truth in Love. I am somewhere between truth in anger and truth in Love. I’m on the continuum. I’ve lost the ability to bullshit. Have you? What are your bolted on principles? How do you remind yourself daily to live ‘em? Becoming BTL is going to bring you to your knees before it emboldens you to stand. It’s day 15. Might be about time for you to go to your room…

4 thoughts on “Day 15 (Principles)…

  1. It’s been 15 days of writing… this has been hard, but I knew it would be. Identifying my CORE, worldview, OPUS, principles, etc. is mentally exhausting but I want the result.

    I am seeing the weakness in my CORE. I’m working on rooting out my B.S. but it’s a long road…
    I would like to say truth in love here… but historically I am not a truth teller, not that I am dishonest….it’s usually because I have a hard time balancing actually speaking my mind and having it come out in a way that is well received. Either, I say something and my tone or inability to deliver it with love backfires…or I say something and am so delicate, careful, walking on egg shells that the point never get’s made… or I don’t say anything at all and continue to let it eat away at me, judge, complain, etc. I have defaulted to that latter more and more. My spicy self often gets the best of me because I have let something fester like a splinter for so long… by the time I get around to speaking up, I’m frustrated, and that definitely comes through. I need to learn how to communicate things, especially hard things, quickly, with love and effectiveness. I am so hungry for authentic relationships, but I am my biggest enemy here. Authentic relationships come from intentionality, honesty, love, trust, selflessness, closeness, being present…. There are very few people who get this from me. I need to be better. Grow. No more BS. Good.

    I will…
    … do hard things
    … demonstrate integrity
    … choose faith over fear

  2. As I’ve rinsed my past writing I’m learning I echo those I admire and value. Not a bad thing per se…I read and study a lot of great people…but it’s less authentic than I need to be. Melody lines are great, but my writing is in need of rinsing.
    I believe in myself and I share the gift of belief with others.
    I will drop the old stories that don’t serve me and live and love in the present.
    I love myself as my neighbor.
    I will go to God first.

  3. Love ‘The Right Stuff,’ especially Wolfe’s book. The Astronaut’s Prayer comes to mind often. So, here are my Principles (v1.0):
    I will…
    Seek first the Kingdom of God by submitting my will to His
    Show up, pay attention and do the work
    Play hard for the team, doing my part so everyone can do theirs
    Keep the long view in mind…’treasure in heaven’
    Fail & learn often, hopefully not repeatedly
    I won’t…
    Give up or give in to temptation, self pity, failure, mediocrity or evil
    Do life alone, without love, as opposed to All One, one ‘L’ of a difference (Hat tip to Gu)
    Believe my own bullshit

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