Day 17 (Matrix)…

I love the movie The Matrix. To me, the scene in the subway where Neo begins to believe is the berries. Your worldview keeps you running and stops you from running from what once upon a time scared your sorry soul. Your belief is spiritual, relational, physical, emotional, professional, and so much more than you’re thinking. Leaders are believers, remember. Are you believable? Do you believe you have what it takes in work and life? Where does your matrix not make sense of your world? Where are you playing small because you don’t really believe you have what it takes?

Your worldview matters more than you know. Swallow hard and look within. Are you becoming a believer in you? Slow down and rethink the width and depth of your worldview. Write. Go beyond your comfort zone. What are some of those damn self limiting beliefs of yours? You know you have ‘em. Write them out so you can get to the roots and, eventually, root them out. Your worldview is your matrix. Are you making sense of your world or still running from the scary journey within. Slow down. Go to your room. Write some hard truth. Good…

3 thoughts on “Day 17 (Matrix)…

  1. As The Apostle said, “we see through a glass darkly.” Like Neo I struggle to embrace a reality beyond what I can see, hear and feel. The Word gives glimpses of a spiritual realm beyond our perception that manifests itself in our reality, much like the code behind the Matrix defined the reality that Neo had thus far experienced.
    One of my favorite glimpses is in Daniel 10 where, after 3 weeks of prayer and fasting a spectacular being appeared to Daniel and said he had been trying to respond to his prayer from the first day, but “the prince of the kingdom of Persia” fought with him for 21 days until “Michael, one of the chief princes came to help me.” We just don’t know what is going on behind the curtain!
    My prayer is that moment by moment, day by day, I can surrender my will to the leading of the Holy Spirit, that my worldview will be defined by the code behind the Matrix, not by the deception and lies of what I can perceive in the flesh. Without the Lies of the WorLd we have the Truth of the Word, the red pill.

  2. I find myself wondering, a couple weeks into the book, who else in my life has done this work. The more I learn, the more I see belief come through in certain (few) people’s words and actions. It also means I’m seeing lives in which it is missing or needs more work (like my own…). I’m starting to make sense of my world, and running away less. What really struck me about the subway scene – yes, of course I had to go back and watch it – was the conviction in his voice at the end when he says, “my name, is Neo…” Clarity in who you are is so powerful – one day – I’ll speak with that clarity. I’m getting closer. I’m comfortable getting one baby step closer each day knowing that I’m not aiming for a point as much as I’m aiming for progress and improvement and more clarity every day.

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