Day 18 (My worldview)…

Today I share a bit of my worldview to spur your thinking. You can get the full CES worldview by using the search bar on the blog. Just type in my worldview and my latest rinse will appear. Enough on me.

My worldview is mine. It’s how I make sense of the world. Your worldview is yours to craft. You must go to your room and slow down. You will gain clarity within. When you go out into the world, your matrix will help you keep it together when flying high or laying low. Your worldview. Own it.

Today, write more. The more we write on days like this, the more consistently we act on days where nothing much makes any semblance of sense. There is great power in your belief system. Build it. Good…

Live hard. Love harder…

3 thoughts on “Day 18 (My worldview)…

  1. • God sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins
    • We are all a work in process
    • We are not meant to go at this alone
    • We all desire to belong and become
    • Food is both poison and medicine
    • Acute pain today prevents chronic pain tomorrow
    • Everyone has integrity gaps, but I tend to notice others more so than my own
    • We are all hurting people, hurting people
    • Dogs make a house a home
    • My health must be a daily priority
    • We are all posers
    • Pride is the root of so many of my problems
    • Perception changes performance… we see the world as we are, not as it is
    • Relationships of great depth require time, trust, and a common purpose
    • In chosen suffering
    • In adding more value than what you’re paid for
    • Relationships with family and friends are more valuable than any material items
    • Leading myself is the biggest challenge I will ever face
    • Laughter is one of the best medicines
    • We rarely live in the present moment
    • Cell phones often control us more than we control them
    • Vulnerability is terrifying, but incredibly freeing
    • I can only control my actions and attitudes
    • There is always a solution or silver lining, if I’m willing to look for it
    • As we get older, we tend to do only that which we are good at
    • Comfort can be just as addicting as a drug

  2. I believe:
    The most important thing in life is to know God.
    It is not about me and never was.
    God is inherently holy, good, loving and just. God’s way is best and none better (Thanks Rich)
    The Holy Bible is the living Word of God, wholly true, authoritative and eternal. (Thanks Buck)
    We are always controlled by something: self-will, another person, an ideology, a demonic power, or the Spirit of God. We get to choose! (Thanks Steve Smith)
    We are blessed to be a blessing. (Thanks Rich)
    Good leaders are good followers. (Thanks Jesus)
    Life is a progressive revelation. The more I know, the more I know I don’t know
    Life is filled with paradoxes: God’s Kingdom is already here on earth and will be fully realized in heaven; Our faith in grace is evident by our works; We must hustle, work hard and prayerfully wait; Strength is expressed in humility;
    E+R = O We have no control over Events that impact our lives. We may be able to influence Outcomes by carefully choosing our Response. The only part we can control is how we choose to Respond. (Thanks TK)
    We are powerless over the behavior of others. (Thanks Al-Anon)
    Most people want to work hard, to connect with others, to be part of something bigger.
    Positive momentum can quickly be undone by one ‘bad apple’ whether it be a divisive person, negative action or critical word.
    Setbacks can be great opportunities to learn and move forward.

  3. DD once told me we write because it’s our greatest influence, to put ourselves on the hook, and to slow down. It was true then, and it only becomes more true the more days I live. I was going through some old writing the other day, looking for something. As I did I realized two things. One – the chronic truly is solved by the acute. Two – i’m Improving. My writing is improving. My questions are improving. My core is getting stronger. I am controlling how hard I work on me, as it’s all I can control. Time to write some more.

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