Day 52 (Praus)…

…is a BTL attitude which leads to ONEness.

It’s a quality every BTL leader would be wise to cultivate. Praus can be built. At the center of every strong CORE you will find it.

If praus sounds like greek to you, you’re right, and it’s quite foreign to our American culture which esteems quite the opposite. Praus is the quality of a war stallion, which has submitted its own will to something/someone bigger than itself. It makes you able to stand — not run — when arrows are flying in the heat of battle. Able to influence, able to make decisions, able to submit its will, able to serve, able to self-regulate not react — able to die to self.

With praus, we become less anxious and more transformational as people, as followers, as leaders, as parents, as friends, as citizens, as neighbors, and as teammates.

So, what is praus? It translates ‘meek’, or ‘gentle’. Meek is not weak — it’s power under control. The hands of a surgeon can break bones — yet they are used to perform the most delicate procedures. When we read about the four healers, we see praus in each one — it takes praus to be kind; it takes praus to say ‘tell me more’ instead of telling me off; it takes praus to repair, not repay; and it takes an extra dose of praus to accept influence, especially from your spouse or your rival or your team.

You’ll find praus in the culture of the greatest teams. It takes praus to talk about the right things, at the right time, with the right people and in the right way.

When it comes to praus, who in your life models the way? What about them do you want to imitate? Why?

Become a life-long learner of this one. Praus is core to love, and is the mortar for becoming deeply connected with others who have distinct, sharp edges just like yours and mine.

Embrace it. Live it. Love it (Thanks, Toto)…

1 thought on “Day 52 (Praus)…

  1. I worked the Echelon Front Muster Leadership event in chicago, 2019. My family came down and stayed at the hotel and explored the city while I did the event. It was an awesome experience. Jocko and his team do an incredible job, and walk their talk. A moment sticks out though, that reminds me of this. Jocko is a a former SEAL, BJJ black belt, leadership instructor, surfer and fitness enthusiast, business owner, author…etc. He also is a great example of praus. He is super approachable, funny and engaging. You know when you speak with him that he knows EXACTLY WHO HE IS. CORE.

    On the morning of the second day, my family was leaving the hotel to go have some fun and so I walked over to say goodbye as I was helping to set up. It turns out my 5.5 year old son was having a hard time, crying a bit, and so they had sat down on a couch. I sat down next to him to find out what was going on. Jocko happened to be walking by and noticed that he was upset. My kids also know Jocko as “Uncle Jake” in his warrior kid books and even had been looking forward to updating him on their pull ups. He sees my son crying and immediately kneels down to his level and starts smiling and talking with him and asking him what’s up. Tears turned to smiles as this big strong leader turned to dad mode to help a little kid having a hard time.

    Strength comes in many forms, sometimes it’s putting aside your leadership event for 2000 attendees that was beginning in 10 minutes to shake hands and connect with a little dude…because you know who you are, where you are going, and what you are doing.

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