Today, someone will wrong you. Your natural reaction will be to make things right by somehow getting even. Revenge, remember, is an ancient, unenlightened reaction to make things right. How’s it working for you?

Today, wake up to the reality that shit’s going down and it’s most often gonna feel like it ain’t right. Remember this fun fact – we got no idea what Mr./Ms. Wrong got stuck in his or her craw do we? So, instead of reacting, let’s build a better nature by writing it out instead of cussing ‘em out. Let’s write it out instead of kicking them out. Let’s write it out instead of writing ‘em off. The more we write, the more right we become. The more we write, the less wronged we feel. The more we write, the less wretched we are.

Take the Apostle Paul as an example. He wrote it out. I mean come on man, how else could he have done so much good when he was so wronged? How in the world could he have thought of himself the “Chief of sinners,” and appear to me as anything but? Slow down and sit with this one for awhile. Slow down. Reflect. Write. Revenge is so yesterday, right? Write…

3 thoughts on “Write…

  1. “Paper is more patient than people, we should put our angry thoughts down on the page, leave them there, rather than projecting them, or hurting others with them.”
    – Anne Frank

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