Day 54 (Producer-led)…

…is a BTL worldview for sales producers, rain-makers, and leaders of every make and model.

Normally, “he who has the gold rules.” Instead of taking a seat on the throne, surrounded by the usual court of gold-diggers, the BTL Producer-led way is the lowly station of the miner. The first to get the shaft, the first to do the underground dirty work, the first to go in when it’s still dark out, the last to leave. BTL Producers eat last — they make sure families of their teams are provided for first.

Prior to BTL, Toto and I spent our careers creating this kind of culture, dying to self to free those who’d been held hostage by the corporate environment. It wasn’t perfect, but it was freakin’ magic for those who embraced it — to this day, many ex-CompuServe associates gather for reunions to reminisce and tell nostalgic stories about the good old days.

The good news is you don’t have to live in the past — you can choose to build a Producer-led culture right where you are. If you’re a producer, be the change you want to see in your system. If you’re a leader, lead the change you want to see in your system. Remember Toto’s three CORE principles:

Model the way. Embrace truth & suffering. Embody truth in love.
Give more than you take. This is the model for Becoming BTL. Sucks to lead anyone and anything. You can only do it when you love the work and love the team more than you love the power, prestige, or position. Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve. Want a better team? Become BTL. Become a better leader…

Producer-led is only for the few, but it’s a blessing to the many.

Embrace it. Live it. Love it (Thanks, Toto)…

3 thoughts on “Day 54 (Producer-led)…

  1. Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve.
    Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve.
    Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve.

    Yes. There “it” is…again.

    Loving being in the wind, the water, and the ark. Just gotta keep the sail up.

    I work on my ‘sail’ here with all of you.

    Thanks friends.


  2. Church is finally able to have more people, and I’ve said yes to helping with service again, and possibly a bit more. People who can and will lead are needed, and the community of believers I love most needs help. Leading the change, being the change, being there for our people, to do more good work…Great reminder to make sure my heart is in the right place – to serve.

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