Day 130: Chillin’ it to killin’ it…

Masters in the art of living know how to toggle between rest mode and “on” mode as easy as flipping a switch, no doubt. AND I believe knowing how to switch it on is preceded by re-learning how to switch it off. Most of us don’t oscillate between off/chill mode and all-out, full-on killing it mode. Instead we stay at a steady low-level “on.” This kills the ability to do either well. We can’t relax with our family because we’re thinking about that one email, the big presentation coming up, or the conflict with a coworker we haven’t actually addressed. Even when we’re not consciously thinking about it, it’s rolling around in the back of our brain waiting to pounce. Being chronically on means we’re in perpetual drain mode. Those two weeks of vacation a year are not enough for a recharge. Guaranteed.

So we’re constantly draining our battery and then we want to amp up into game-time mode for the big presentation? You likely don’t even know what your best is because you haven’t been fully recharged in way too long. You can’t give what you don’t have.

So learn to actually chill. Slow down. Say no to more things and create space. Turn off your notifications. Matter of fact turn off your phone. Sit alone and write. Be with those you love. I just spent the weekend with an old friend and no agenda – my heart is full. Fill up more. Then practice going “full-on” with a full battery. All in on your workout, the hard conversation, the presentation. Follow those peak moments with rest. Muscles, remember, don’t grow during workouts. They’re torn during workouts and rebuilt even stronger with rest. After you actually stress your system, chill. You’ll come back stronger. Rinse and repeat.

When you rest, rest. When you go all out? Do it on a full battery with everything you’ve got. Stress PLUS rest equals growth. That’s the formula, no way around it.

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