Day 131: Managing the stress response…

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to HOW my clients write their core statements. In particular, are they writing one set of statements for work and another for life/home? If so, we haven’t gotten the point yet. We haven’t gotten to the heart of it. Integration, you see, is all about getting clarity on who you are and being that all the time, regardless of what setting you happen to be in.

The aim is not bifurcated humans – one way at work, another at home or with friends. That constant switching of hats and maintaining of personas is exhausting. Likely impossible to switch between rest mode and go mode if you’re busy toggling between personas. The aim is oneness, starting with YOU becoming one within.

Who are you really, when all the bullshit is stripped away? What are your beliefs that you want to live out everywhere, all the time? Write about and get clarity on that person, those beliefs and principles. Then go be her all. the. time. THAT is integration of work and play. Work and play are integrated around who you are, rather than trying to force mismatched pieces and changing who you are to fit the setting.

When you know who you are, all the time, it becomes a lot easier to be you in rest mode and you in go mode. That’s some serious stress management. Good time for a rinse of the core – see if your statements apply in all settings. If not, nuance, delete, re-write. Get clarity and alignment.

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