Day 132: Know why? Know the way…

We are hard-wired to conserve energy. That’s part of what has led to modern civilization. Why do we have packaged food, modern transit or access to information via our phone? Those are all energy efficient ways of meeting needs. Now we don’t have to spend days on a hunt, walk to get anywhere, search out answers from scholars or libraries. We swing by the store, fly to see family, do a quick google search. Energy efficient. Our brains still have this hard wiring, so when something difficult is ahead of us, our brain loves to tell us “better slow down and conserve, we only have so much energy.”

So it’s in our nature to think in terms of energy conservation. Where there’s a catch is entropy. Things tend toward disorder and breakdown without effort and energy. Use it or lose it is true of our body, our mind, communication skills, team unity, anything really. We have to expend energy to become who we want to be, build something great, live the life we want to live. So how do we combat that inner wiring that tells us to conserve? We get a bigger why than the hard wiring. Our ancestors did when they put energy towards building the solutions we enjoy now. They had a bigger why.

What why is big enough for you to get off the couch and do a hard workout? Or start to build new skills for work? I know my why for both of those. I do hard workouts because I love mountain adventures and feeling athletic. Three years ago I started on the path to becoming a builder. Went part time at my other job way before it made financial sense to do so. Why? Because I LOVE awakening others, going deeper with a few, challenging leaders and teams.

My whys are clear as day to me. They inspire me when I go into energy conserve mode. They inspire me to do and give more. AND the more I give the more I get. That’s the real secret, I’ve learned. The less I worry, fear or conserve and the more I give with no expectations, the more I get in return. Energy, love, connectedness. I’ve got more than I dreamed of when I got started. My dreams keeping getting bigger to keep pace.

Dream and do. Kick entropy in the face.

2 thoughts on “Day 132: Know why? Know the way…

  1. Yes, so true. Great entry, Rachel!
    And, while I read this blog from a western mindset, by God’s grace, I’m also aware that I am privileged to serve leaders who impact our fellow humans in developing/underdeveloped nations…including those who are truly victimized. Today. Our fellow brethren in several areas of the world are facing genocide and persecution.

    What can we learn from these souls? Here’s what I observe: they run to the fire. They step in to help their fellow humans. They see the overwhelming need and they choose to do what they can to help. They sacrifice to provide for others. They value family and community. And this is not just happening in third world countries facing genocide. It’s also happening here, in our local communities. I am not worthy. They are better than me.

    My perspective is that life is not just about us…it’s about us choosing to help each other out of love. It’s about our bigger Why, as Rachel challenges us. Our OPUS.

    My personal worldview that informs this PA is this: Love God, Love my Fellow humans.
    My worldview seeks to engage this PA to kick entropy in its face. Worldwide.

  2. Another awesome and. Thanks, Kitty – love your nuances. I especially like this line – “they run to the fire.”

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