Day 133: Again, let’s train…

I’ve coached a lot of athletes at a lot of varying talent levels, everything from D3, to mid-major D1, to top D1. Talent – the pure genetic ability, has a significant correlation with division. Heart, love, does not. I’ve coached a handful who had all the talent and ability in the world and never came CLOSE to reaching it. Why? They actually loathed the grind, didn’t enjoy the sport all that much and definitely didn’t enjoy the commitment needed to play at a high level. Some stuck it out and held on just enough to make it through, some washed out. None made their experience what it could have been.

My favorite players to coach, the ones who were most “clutch” in the big moments, who squeezed the most joy out of their experience? That had nothing to do with division and everything to do with how much they LOVED what they did. They loved the sport, the team, the coming together, the training, the extra reps, the bus rides, the leading, the doing more than what was required…they loved all of it. And because they loved it so much, they found joy in every step of the journey, even when it was hard.

What do you LOVE about what you do? And even if you don’t yet love every extra rep, do you love something else enough to take on that extra rep with gusto? Do you love your teammates enough to do it for them? Do you love the life you’re building enough to do a little extra? Start with baby steps – finding a few things you love that you can focus on. Focus on love and you’ll be more filled with it, you’ll find more of it. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

2 thoughts on “Day 133: Again, let’s train…

  1. I am LOVING this and watching you come into your own — and the poetic flare at the end. Where your focus flows, your energy goes (for better or for worse). What a great AND to your last post: “love kicks entropy in the face.”

  2. RH, Yes. In training Green Berets for several years – I watched this play itself out many times…
    Where your focus goes, your energy flows…I have to always ensure my focus is where it should be.
    Always. Not just when it is convenient for me.
    Be good. Do good. Be with.

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