Day 134: I had…

Chronic pain can so easily be like the frog in the pot. The temperature slowly increases without you realizing it until it reaches a dangerous level. You can jump out anytime before boiling, but you don’t pay attention to the danger because the increase in temperature is incremental. Degree by degree you let the chronic pain rise.

Toning down your authentic self because the boss or a coworker says it’s too much? A degree higher. Choosing to skip workouts because you’re overworked and overtired? A degree higher. Never slowing down to measure your progress and enjoy the journey? A degree higher. Tolerating a dysfunctional, bullshit work environment because of the prestige of the job? A degree higher. It’s easy to ignore one degree at a time. Then all of the sudden it’s 5/10/20 years later and you realize you’re about to be boiled alive – the chronic pain has reached a critical threshold.

You can jump out at that point. I did. Shortly thereafter I found a builder, strengthened my core, and started chasing my OPUS. You can go one better and start to turn down the dial one degree at a time long before you reach the boiling point. Strengthening your core and taking on acute pain in small doses rather than all at once. Either way, the great news is the same. On the other side is becoming who you are AND belonging with your people.

Way before BTL I had a desire to belong and a deeper desire to not change who I was and how I wanted to BE. That’s why I didn’t fit in the system AND why it hurt so much when I left it.  I was reminded once again this morning in band practice of one of the things I love the most about who we are. Each of us belongs in the band without changing to fit the system. I am exactly who I am meant to be when I’m with the band, as is each bandmate, AND we’re deeply connected. Frickin magic.

Want some magic of your own and less chronic pain? Turn down the chronic pain one degree at a time by taking on some acute pain. On the other side is what life is all about. Can’t wait to see you on the journey.

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