Today, during BTL band practice, we talked about the roots of endurance. Excellence, you see, requires endurance. Aim at excellence and here’s what they don’t tell you is coming, but it is – sabotage. Most systems sabotage the very people trying to save her. Fact.

Here’s the truth about our band, we’ve all been mislabeled. We’ve all been told we don’t fit in and it’s time for us to leave. We’ve all been tossed to the side by the very system we helped build. None of us, however, is a mistake. We are all masters in the making, some further down than the path than others, but all are on it. Becoming strong in your CORE and focused on your OPUS is going to bring crazy clarity and light into your system and the system of your employ. Do not expect everyone to share in your joy. Some will attempt to bring you back to their level, you know ‘cause misery does love company. Do not lose heart. Endure. You, friend, are not a mistake or a misfit. You too are a master in the making if your aim is excellence, regardless the obstacle.

If your system sabotages you for caring too much, trying too hard, or playing the game too little, do not fret. Instead, fly high. You are a free bird, remember, not a caged one. Soar with eagles, don’t waste your time worrying about stool pigeons. We are a band of masters. We’re Peteyness, Gu, Kitty, Browny, Tay, Jiggs, Doscher, Lockjaw, Slippage, American Spartan, and me. As for me, I’m Toto. Good luck getting me back in my basket!

Do not let others label you, friend. Know who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going, and how you want to get there. Don’t expect your OPUS to be handed to you. Endure. Earn the label of master. We’ll see you on the climb. We’ll be the band who is laughing and trash talking as we give more than we take, especially on the steepest, most difficult sections of the climb. We’ll be the dudes growing old but not tired together. We’ll be the team of peers you can’t quite figure out. We’ll be working and playing. We won’t look or act alike, nor will we care. You see, we’re becoming One, distinct and deeply connected. How ‘bout you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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