Centerfield came to Columbus this week. She’s a BTL Builder and my client. I treat her no different than I treat Bk, Durp, or any other client of mine. I give her truth in love and sometimes truth in something less. This week she picked up a couple new clients due to my decision to say no mas so I can yeah baby to exactly what I want. She was flying high on Monday. Today, she came back to earth. Crash landed, really.

She went from centerfield to the dugout. Why? She forgot who she is. Got caught up in hesitating instead of being on her toes. She thought too much. The crack of the bat, you know, requires an instant reaction. She hesitated and the ball flew by her and careened off the wall. Should have been an easy out. Instead a stand up double. So, I hit her with some virtuous truth. She took it. I reminded her to write out the fear that’s causing her hesitation. She wrote well. Lots of foul language in her reflection. Good.

Next time she’s up to bat, it’s not going to be a foul ball. Not. A. Chance. You see, Centerfield just received some feedback she can use. And, she’s no joke. She’s using it. So, leader, what’s the lesson for you? Do not go easy on your best. Make them do what they can. Focus your attention on them. Do not let them get away with “good enough.” Make them play to their potential. Make them do what they can. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

That’s her on the far right…

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