Day 182 – Feedback you can use

Thank you, Jiggs, for your kind words and gracious handoff! I truly enjoyed your writing and was inspired and stretched by your insights last month. 

I trust that as our Band of Builders is taking turns on the blog this year our readers are beginning to experience the BTL purpose through our writing: 

Together we Awaken, Challenge and Transform a few individuals, teams and leaders from a lone toward all ONE – one L of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Together we transform, always together. 

As a Band we are indeed ONE, while at the same time we are totally distinct yet deeply connected. Chet, Gu, DD, Andy, CF, Jiggs, Tay, Brownie, Petey, TLC and me. And LA modeled the way before us. Each of us has a unique voice that reveals our authentic Core, built and honed through the hard work that is the BTL process.  Every day we work to close our own integrity gaps, gain insight into our blind spots, and build strength in our Core so that we can live out our great work of love, our OPUS as Builders. And every Friday the Band practices purposefully so we can do the work together. 

What is my favorite part of Band practice? Feedback. Feedback we can use. It comes from the work itself AND from one other. 

I love the hard questions we ask each other. I love the awkward silence (which, in and of itself, is feedback) while our wheels are turning and we are processing in real time. I am transformed by the humility and teachability of each Band member. I love the trust we have in one another. I am energized by the ‘aha’ moments, the powerful learnings that are revealed on the other side of the challenge. AND we always tie a love bow on it as we close practice. All One. So good. 

How about you? Are you tuning into feedback you can use? How can you position yourself to receive more of it and put into play what you’ve learned? 

Here are a few practices that help me in work and in life: 

  1. I am committed to tuning in like an animal being stalked. I listen both for what is said AND for what is not said (which is feedback). And I practice the art of ‘double listening’ (thanks, Gu) so I can listen for what God is showing me while I’m also hearing from another. 
  2. I seek to be fully present in every conversation AND I slow down so I don’t miss the important nuances. 
  3. I ask for feedback from my trusted truthtellers. I invite it. Leaders initiate. Fact. 
  4. I take time to pray, reflect and write what I’ve heard to process it, then identify the Productive Action steps I can take so I don’t lose what I’ve learned. 

What are yours? 

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