Built to leave…

Your team is toxic. Don’t fret, every team is.

Most teams tolerate toxic teammates because their leader does. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Stop tolerating toxic teammates. Turn them. Turn them up or turn them out. This is simple, not easy.

Great teams understand their leader is in a tough place. She has to hire slow, fire fast, and produce results regardless. Great teams have a few transformational teammates. These teammates act like leaders. They don’t allow toxic teammates to settle in. They make the slackers life miserable, well before the President knows there’s a problem. Your job, leader, is to find a few teammates who not only set the bar, but hold others to it too. Are you leader, focused on your few and transferring the proper peer pressure to them? Simple, not easy.

Your team is toxic. Your job is turn the toxic into transactional or transformational teammates. If you cannot turn them, your job is to turn them out. Built to lead or built to leave. We judge you by your decisions. Make a few more, leader. Make them more quickly. Hire slow. Fire fast. Stop living in denial. Stop sitting around deliberating. Focus on your few. Face the facts. Decide.

Your culture gets better, leader, when you and your few stop tolerating toxic teammates. Are you transferring tension to the right teammates? Are you building leaders or blind followers? BTL and built to leave? Mom’s right – it only takes one apple to spoil the whole bunch. Simple, not easy.

Live hard. Love harder…

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