Day 247 – Illustrators

Today in the BBTL entry I’m reminded of the importance of being curious and CCD.

My challenge to everyone reading is that you don’t trust your gut response enough. I’m reminded of this learning with new clients and from clients that have been with BTL for 5 plus years. People think they are uncovering the truth, but they’re still holding back a lot. As builders it is much easier to see from the outside looking in. You likely are still dancing around the topic, rather than being honest in the moment. As a builder I’ve had to personally work at developing this skill. Fear gets in the way from becoming one. Fear of being judged by others, and pressure made me feel like I couldn’t be 100 percent honest with people.

CORE work is the antidote. The more core work you do to understand the importance of creating a culture of truth, the less fear will influence you. The result is you become more CCD, less fear, and you start to build real truth within the team.

Where do you hold back with your team?

How can you model the way for creating a culture of truth?

1 thought on “Day 247 – Illustrators

  1. Great message Tay! The benefits of a strong Core were clearly speaking to the reader, your Humility, Vulnerability and Confidence in your message! You’re the future of BTL!

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