Day 249 – Emotions

Emotions at work?

Through my friend’s experiences, and some of my own, I have witnessed emotionally dead work environments. The emotions are contagious, and they are not good. Becoming ONE as a team, integrating work and life, and seeing life as play are foreign ideas.

The BTL client that embraces this BBTL day to me the most is Choice Recovery. They’re not emotional, they are content embracing work and life. I believe it is because their leader has spent so much “unproductive time” listening to their team. Their team has embraced being who they truly are at work. The leader has welcomed opinions from the non-conformist, the upset, and the productive rebel. What has been the results of these practices? The results have been a team with extremely high trust levels. Don’t get this confused by thinking this means they always agree and are happy. I notice trust at the highest level when a BTL builder doesn’t have to pull truth out of a teammates mouth. Instead of keeping thoughts in, they come out without prompting. This is a sign of a culture worth being apart of.

A leader that spends deliberate time listening, and not judging, is creating a contagious culture for the good. Spend time with your team listening, and be aware of your presence.

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