Day 250 – Decisions

I believe we don’t notice how many decisions we make daily. Most of my decisions are centered around disciplines. Today’s post will be about good decisions and bad decisions. This day in the book is one I have room for improvement in. I know a volume of decisions is good, but sometimes I hold back because it’s a change of routine.

For example, when I get out of shape I make less decisions around working out. Instead of going to the gym for only 30 minutes a day I do nothing. Until, that is, I decide to go and try and work as hard as possible for an hour and a half. I must decide more often to just do a smaller workout more consistently.

A good decision I made, 3 months ago, was to read for 20 minutes daily. I have only missed about 3 days. The books I have read and re-read are Mans Search for Meaning, Change your Questions Change your Life, and Idiot Brain. I have decided to make it apart of my core to read daily.

Increase the amount of decisions you are making. Find something to add to your routine.

1 thought on “Day 250 – Decisions

  1. Thanks Tay!
    I like the way your #1 speaking from your personal experiences, being authentic and honest and #2 taking a small bite out of the study and illuminating it…….a CORE PRINCIPLE OF BTL…..Read, leaders are readers!
    Keep sharing Tay, love ya man!

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