Day 251 – Dream and Do

Today I was in practice where I shared some of my dream and do. I have a dream of being a great builder, which comes by learning how to build well. This leader has a dream for his own company, which he recently shared with his team. Today I told him what I had learned early on as a builder. Out of fear of being too hard on people in practice, I often use too many words to tell them the truth.

I CCD shared this with him because I saw a desire for him to build into his teammates as best he can. We both have a CORE and OPUS and now we must practice in real time walking the talk. Remember, it is easier to just get into the habit of doing. When you gain clarity on your big dream it will give you more energy to do the work.

Don’t stop dreaming.

2 thoughts on “Day 251 – Dream and Do

  1. Tay, I love your CCD brevity in every blog entry this month. I love how you economize each word to communicate your message, with truth and insight. We can all learn from your skill of curating your message!

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