Day 252 – Margin

Recently I have been running team practices with everyone evaluating if they’re in their comfort, challenge, or panic zone. Listening to people talk, I have found that many are in the panic zone because they lack margin.

I’ve noticed people wait for vacation or some sort of getaway for margin. Build smaller margin as a discipline once a week. I’ve built margin straight from one of my passions – I love soccer. This week I watched the USA men’s soccer team which, unfortunately also added some stress into my life. Regardless, it’s a love to of mine to talk and play soccer. Two weeks ago I played soccer for the first time in a few months. Both of these things gave me more energy.

It was refreshing for me to get back to a love to of mine, even though I’m not competing anymore. What are your passions? Create margin this week from one of your passions.

1 thought on “Day 252 – Margin

  1. Bullseye, Tay. You just gave me the PA that will be the Rx for my ongoing struggle with margin. While I love being in the Challenge zone most of the time, too much can be counterproductive. And you did so in just 3 brief paragraphs. Master Connector stuff right there. Thank you!

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