Day 255 – Elite’s underbelly

I am currently neither married, divorced, or in a relationship. Nevertheless, I have a routine for going from kill to chill. When I come home I find my comfortable sweatpants and oversized t-shirt. Despite not being in a relationship, it’s equally important to be able to chill once home and away from work. Stressed to recharged and intense to interested is the aim once home. There’s no perfect formula, but what are you doing to figure out yours?

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” -Abraham Lincoln. An elite performer is not immune to this quote. Succeeding at your job and building your CORE feels good. The next step is to build your humility. Do you remember how you felt at the beginning of building your core? Build your patience for people who are at a different stage of life. Others will not want to run as fast as you, or in the same way.

Figure out your formula to chill at home. Practice tuning into others. Appreciate everyone’s learning on the way, rather than fixating on the destination.

2 thoughts on “Day 255 – Elite’s underbelly

  1. Tay
    I love this, Stressed to recharged and intense to interested, great little Mantra! AND we know how many of our clients just can’t turn it off when they get home and do anything but be present! I struggled with this myself and like you, I have worked hard to build those positive daily rituals that are part of our strong Cores! Your messaging has been ccd, love it Tay!
    Love ya Man

  2. Wow. Hitting hard, Taylor. Brilliant. I’m good at climbing any mountain, fighting any war. But have never figured out how to “Chill”. That ship sailed without me a long time ago. My only “peace” is in the intensity of the battle. The greater the battle, the deeper the peace. But to chill at home, away from the front lines of war… now that is really hard! Brilliant. If you can.

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