Day 256 – Who is your audience?

I believe doing the BTL core work provides the framework to become confident in who you are, regardless of your audience. Everyone is nervous occasionally, and that is okay. If you build your competence, and strengthen your core, you will become more confident.

From my perspective, gaining clarity on my identity has helped me out the most. I don’t believe the phrase “fake it ’til you make it” works well. Why?… because it’s not truthful. The phrase focuses on how others will receive your “confidence” and not how you yourself feel on the inside. The more truthful you are to yourself, the more confidence you will have.

For example my identity is not: I am already a master builder. No… my identity is that I am a builder in training, working toward mastery. I believe I won’t always have the answer to all of my client’s questions. At first this freaked me out but now, as I’ve strengthened my core, I’ve embraced that it’s not my job to always have the ‘right’ answer. Of course sometimes I will have the answer, but not always. I believe the more honest you are with yourself, the less you will care about what other people think. There will be less fear of what you should be, and more focus on what you already are.

Are you aware of the negative self-talk that might be creeping in? The negative self-talk is a misplaced identity. My negative self talk was all about what I might not know. We often have a skewed identity of self because we allow negative self-talk to lie to us. What are the identities you have for yourself? How can your identities be more truthful? Where are you tolerating negative self-talk?

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