You don’t really learn shit sitting in a classroom. At best, you learn how to learn. I didn’t. Some do. Here’s how most learn. We learn by doing shit we don’t know how to do but want to, or better yet, have to.

We learn by leaving our family business because we want to build our own and build it better (Thanks, Bk – The Athlete). We learn by leaving our comfortable Venture firm to the adventure of being an entrepreneur (Thanks, Hunter). We learn by buying out our partner, going it alone through all kinds of ups and downs, and knowing who to bring in as our operating partner when the time is right (Thanks, Durp). We learn by facilitating practice without a safety net, without a master builder beside us, and before the client thinks we’re ready (Thanks, Tay).

We learn by leaving the comfort zone, embracing the challenge zone, and pushing our sorriness right up against the panic zone. We learn by doing the very things that scare us to pieces. We learn by trying stuff under the bright lights before our teammates believe. We learn by choosing productive action when, in the moment, it feels like anything but. We learn mostly by doing stuff before we’re ready. We learn mostly through action in adversity. We learn and level up after we embrace the pain and suffering of the fails.

Mastering the art of living is really mastering the art of learning. Are you failing forward, friend? Are you failing by leaning in? Are you failing by trying stuff that scares you? Or, are you failing to launch? No launch, no learning. Do not overthink the endeavor, friend. You are designed to live and learn, you know? Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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