Day 259 – Hard Truth

There is a difference between hearing hard truth and letting hard truth in. The stronger your core is, the more likely you’ll be able to distinguish the difference between noise and good hard truth that will make you better.

There is no perfect recipe for deciphering the difference between noise and good feedback. If you are like me then you would wish there was a clear answer to this. A hard truth for me to have embraced is, sometimes I must make peace with ambiguity. I must embrace ambiguity if I’m ever able to decipher the difference between noise and hard truth. The more ambiguity I have embraced, funnily, the better a builder I have become. I am leaning against one of my tendencies.

I learned early with BTL, thanks Gu, our greatest strengths all have a deficit when over-tuned. I am not doing a 180 degree turn from my strength of being analytical and structure in order. I am merely nuancing the areas at work where I become better by letting go of some structure.

What are you greatest strengths and what is it’s deficit? Are you aware, and are you asking for hard truth here?

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