Day 260 – Twin towers

The ability to resist impulse is the first tower and is built in moments of toughness. As we talked about this morning in BTL band practice, it is merely the moments of saying no to certain things. Lean into disciplines by learning to say no. Resist the impulse to think negative and stay neutral, thanks Doscher. Once again this is simple not easy.

The second tower is built around a tender heart. Our Friday morning BTL band zoom calls are built around this pillar. We have a band who deeply cares for each other. We push hard and build each other, yet we slow down to share about personal things going on in our lives. It’s a blessing to be surrounded by people who deeply care.

A great life is leaning into both towers of your life. We often have a tendency toward one, and lack a bit in the other tower. Which one do you need to build stronger?

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