Day 261 – Mentally Strongest

Today’s blog isn’t about how the mentally strong handle the past. Rather it’s about what do we do in the moment? How do we stay present?

The present is sacred. All learning is relearning and constant application, simple not easy. We practice this in BTL during breakouts when we speak and listen. Those familiar with BTL know the rules of speaking and listening. The tenant related to staying in the present is not allowing your thoughts to go to the next question. Rather than focusing on the next question to ask, or your own comment, we train to stay in tune with what someone is saying.

Staying present involves trusting the process. Fear tells us to think of what to say next. We stay present when we silence our fear and embrace trusting the moment. For me, it applies to work and life in multiple ways. When I silence fears that I have about my future, relationships, and work, then I can stay present and I am more content.

What fear causes you to not stay present? What fear causes you to not be content with the moment?

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