Littlest is 65 and heading to double knee replacement a week from now. He will have his shoulder replaced immediately after. 2021 is a hard year for the Littlest Fricker. You wouldn’t know it looking at his production. He runs the best high end home building business in our fine city. He, Andy, Brett, and their teams, build better. They’ve never been busier or better. Fact.

Yesterday, Littlest led us the hills of JTown for 55 miles and 4000 feet of climbing. He led us on two bad knees. Never complained once. In fact, he pulled PJ along when PJ bonked hard. This morning, Littlest, Regina, and I went back to the basics of the 3P. We pushed, pulled, and planked. Fricker got up on the hoop and cranked out pulls with a shoulder that is broken. Never. Said. A. Word. In fact, he smiled and laughed.

Life is a test. It’s not meant to be easy. In fact, life is designed to teach us how to do hard things well. What would I say if I saw your production day in and day out? What are you family, friends, and clients seeing? You do know they’re watching, right?

Littlest does hard things well. He’s learned life is hard. He’s one of the few. Fact. My challenge to you, reader, is to do hard things. Stop the excuses. Push through the pain and fear toward a worthy aim. Grab a friend and show them how it’s done. Learn to love hard opus. You got this.

Live hard. LOVE harder…

3 thoughts on “Littlest…

  1. Have you read comfort crisis yet? I listened on a ruck with my dog this morning and you and Eastman are echoing each other. Highly recommend if you haven’t read it yet.

  2. Thanks for the kind note and comment.
    Being “with” is the best. Whatever we are doing gets easier and is more fun when we are “with” each other.
    I enjoy playing together and look forward to it every time.

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