Day 267 – Meek is anything but weak

As Chet puts it in today’s BBTL entry, “This can lead to arrogance, hubris, self-centeredness, narcissism, and eventually toward self-sabotage.” If you become strong in your core, but you don’t build your wisdom to become meek then this is the result.

Becoming meek was the single most important thing I learned through Younglife growing up. The world has an overabundance already of self-centeredness. Through Younglife I established in my core that I would always push to work toward becoming more of a servant. Someone willing to serve others is becoming meek. I recall serving others by volunteering my summer away, deliberately spending time at others sporting events, and giving kids a ride places who didn’t have a license yet. I am a servant and working toward giving even more.

Don’t become enamored with taking. Become a servant to the loved ones around you. Your meekness is not weakness. Write an identity statement that you can work toward building meekness.

1 thought on “Day 267 – Meek is anything but weak

  1. Love this young Tay. Meekness is mistranslated and misconstrued —- it was used to describe a war stallion who had yielded itself to a higher purpose — power under control. To choose highest and best use. To serve out of strength not weakness. Keep writing Tay…

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