Day 268 – Peace with my place

Two of the most important indicators of a high performer are the love for the team and the work. Love your team and love the work, got it. But what if others don’t love it the same way I do? We tend to overly fixate on the ones who don’t love it the same way we do. We allow others to drain us, rather than look at the teammates who are getting after it. You are in control of where you focus your energy, therefore choose wisely where to pour yourself into others.

I love the way Miles said “Keep fighting. Stop struggling”. I fall into a victim mindset when I fixate on my struggles. We are not victims to the teams we inherit or produce. We get the team we deserve, and we fight to make the team into what they can be. A leader that is fighting to make a team do what they can is wise. Fight for a culture that loves the team and loves the work.

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