Hurting humans don’t hear well. They hurt other humans. And, most humans are hurting most of the time.

Some over share. Most bury the pain and suffer in silence. Some self medicate with food and wine. Some medicate with pills. Some with sex. Some with other substances. Some with sports. Almost all seek distraction of some sort or another. The new norm is to binge Netflix, social media, tweet incessantly, or play the compare game which, btw, nobody ever wins!

Luke was right. Jesus didn’t come to condemn. He knew we’re damn near masters at getting down on ourselves and spreading our shame on others. He knows we’re hurting and unable of making ourselves whole. He came to heal us, forgive us, fill us, and free us from our hurting hearts. Talk about some kinda good news, huh?

God, help me see this hurting world through a different lens. Help me see hurting humans the way you do. Help me stop the rush to judge. Help me sense when another’s tweaked my justice thread and stop the aim to get even. Help me sense your spirit, shut my foul mouth, and offer a helping hand to the hurting. God, help me.

Slow down. Reflect. What do you believe about hurting humans, justice, getting even and giving grace? Your worldview is how you make sense of the world. Maybe it’s time for another rinse. Are you hearing me?

Live hard. Love harder…

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