Hard things…

This past week I shared one of my worldview rinses from a couple years ago with a dear client of mine. He loved it so much I’m sharing it with you. He’s going through some hard things, you know. Here’s what I told him I’ve come to believe.

Life is meant to be hard.

The good life is not what it’s advertised to be. The good life is found by learning to do hard things well. We learn to do hard things well by doing hard things not so well. We learn to do hard things by failing, learning, doing them again, and rinsing and repeating until we figure it out. You see, friend, life is meant to be hard. Embrace this. Living will get easier…

This early morning we departed my house in complete darkness at 6:26am. We rode east. Brother Mick, Downer, PJ, DQ, and me. We picked up Grappy along the way. We talked. We laughed. We climbed. Hurt. I took a fall (gravel got me). Downer wasn’t his best. We got lost (Love that). And we’re all sore and smiling. We covered 101 miles with 5100 feet of climbing. I designed the ride to test us. I designed it to be the hilliest hundred miler we’d ever done. It was. Freakin’ magic.

Learn to do hard things, friend. Embrace chosen suffering, right Grappy? Run into the hard things you’ve been running from. Great living is not easy. It’s designed that way. This pic was taken after the test. I’d say we all passed – at least this one. Unchosen suffering is coming. Might I suggest today was good practice. What hard thing are you practicing, friend?

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Hard things…

  1. Gosh I love this so freakin much. “doing hard things not so well…”
    A favorite of yours I use in parenting so much that my kids say it before i do now…

    I just finished a re-read of Michael Easter’s The Comfort Crisis. I’ve begun rucking with my dog because a recurring injury has limited my riding and I am LOVING it. I am re-learning this lesson, by doing what I can.

    Thx for your writing, as always.

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