Day 276: Mindful…

October 24th 2020 I was up at 5:00 am with great cup of coffee and doing what I love to do at that hour, pray, read, write and ask myself those CORE questions:  what needs to change, be improved, what am I frustrated about, what am I tolerating, what am I BSing myself about,  why am I worrying, why am I fearful, how can I raise my own standards?

On that morning I had one of those ugly encounters with myself, “Buddy, you keep bullshiting yourself and you’re going to be on a downward slide you may not comeback from!!

I then made three commitments and prayed my ass off and got help from people who have always been there for me. My commitments:

  • I quit drinking, there was no redeeming value in me continuing to drink. It was very simple for me, I have always loved milk and I drink a lot of milk. I now enjoyed Bourbon more than milk! It was time to quit! I quit drinking October 24th 2020.
  • I quit Social Media October 24th, for me personally it was a horrible distraction! Remember, I said it was for me personally, I’m not saying it’s all bad! For me there was a better choice.
  • Most importantly, I made the Commitment to LOVE HARDER! This commitment has been so enriching to my life I would not even know where to begin! 

On Feb. 9, 2019 Chet and Missi’s little dog Teek never woke up. If you’re a dog lover you understand, never easy! Next day, Chet writes a BlogLove Hard, Love Harder. When I read it I completely understood his feelings about the loss of Teek and I understood his story,  (read the blog) and what Chet meant by Love Hard, Love Harder. And then Chet started signing off after every blog with Love Hard, Love Harder. 

Not long after that Chet and I were talking about our adult children as Fathers do, and I probably shared a frustration about one of mine and maybe a decision they made and Chet simply said, “You know at this stage of the game all we can do is Love Them Harder! You and I just can’t fix it all!

And then the light went off, I love Chris, Ryan, Meg, Nicole and our little Diggy and Teague more than anything in the world and could I really love them more? I realized I could do a whole lot better in one area for sure, when I am with each of them……Mindfulness!

“Mindfulness is when a moment in time has your full attention and energy.” That is what Loving Harder means to me, giving the people I love my full attention, being mindful, easy to say it, hard to do!

What does Love Harder mean to You? Is there any connection for Loving Harder and Mindfulness in maybe your relationships personally or professionally?

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