Day 277: Shaming…

As I had mentioned earlier in a blog, Chet had given me the opportunity to speak at a few of his regional meetings and team meetings and I got to see firsthand this idea or theory of Shaming and the impact it had on his team. I would also ask you to remember what Taylor Scott stated in an earlier blog in September, “each Builder is giving his or her interpretation as to what Chet is writing about on a given day.”

So, this is my interpretation of Chet’s blog! With that said, Shaming as a title is just way too negative a word for me and of course Chet did anything but shame his team! What he did do brilliantly in some form or another any time I heard him speak was the following:

He Honored the Past

He always told stories of past high performers, moments of truth former leaders had experienced, courageous decisions leaders had made. He simply honored those who laid the foundation of Compu Serve.

He Celebrated the Present

And when I say celebrated, I mean it! When a team made plan or celebrating a big win, maybe a salesman blowing it out of the park, Chet made sure everybody understood the bar had been raised for ALL! He built rituals out of these celebrations and these celebrations were way more than just fun, trust me! Teams fought hard for their chance to have their celebration and the competition was fun, fierce and motivating! Chet was building a sustainable high-performance culture.

He Built on the Vision

They set a high bar and with each celebration a new gang seemed to be leading the way! A standard had been set and they stood on the shoulders of those achievements and found new pathways of high performance and an OPUS that people wanted to understand and be a part of!

Just this morning, not more than 30 minutes ago, I asked a leader I coach, did you make your goal for your fiscal year? “Yes, and you know how it goes, we have a new goal for the month, the year. How did you celebrate it? No time for that! That led to a CCD conversation with this leader! Hard truth!

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