Day 278: Wisdom 101

As I begin writing this morning, I want to remind you that we’re practicing and studying the 10th Essential of Personal Excellence which is WISDOM. If you missed Reading John Rue’s Builders Journey which introduces the Essential of Wisdom, go back and read it! You will understand WHY Chet chose the “Gu Rue” to introduce Wisdom. 

Not to long ago I came across the following quote which made sense to me.

“Most people think that wisdom and knowledge are the same thing but actually they are two different sides of the same coin. Knowledge is nothing but the facts known by a person whereas wisdom is the combination of experience and knowledge, with the power of applying them or soundness of judgement in a person.”

 When I was writing it down, I jotted John’s name next to the quote. I view John as role model for how a wise person THINKS! John understands the 3 functions of the brain (Perceives Reality, Processes Alternatives, Choose Prod. Action) about as well as anybody I have encountered. John also practices what I believe to be the # 1 Skill of this whole process, Be Curious/Ask Good Questions.  

John has a way of shattering the perceived reality one might have and he does it regularly in our partner meetings every Friday at 8:00am. He does it so well we refer to it as, “I Got Gu’ed! Kitty Allen had mugs made up with “I got Gu’ed” printed on the side of the cup. Once again, how does he shatter a perceived reality, by being curious and asking piercing questions that make you stop dead in your tracks, “I never thought of it that way!”

What I love the most about our team is the diversity of thinking, the rigorous debate that takes place and the Truth in Love feedback you will get, early and often. Now, if I’m really honest, some of my partners (John Rue, Larry Allen) drove me out of my mind early on with their thinking. I would ask Chet sometimes to interpret what they said, I don’t get it! Chet would laugh and simply say, then ask more questions if you don’t know! I took that advice, I also learned to be more patient, tolerant and to ask better questions. Today there is nobody I respect and love more than our Man the Gu’ru!  

“Probe the depths of experience, and awaken your childlike powers of questioning, you will encounter increasing uncertainty & ambiguity. Confusion endurance is the most distinctive trait of highly creative people, and Leonardo da Vinci probably possessed more of that trait than anyone who ever lived.”

By Michael Gelb, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

  • How would you rate yourself in terms of asking good questions?
  • How would you rate your tolerance for ambiguity? 
  • Do you look and listen for good questions and write them down? 
  • Are you a student of this whole process (being curious, asking good questions, seeking out people who think differently, finding a good role model)? 

2 thoughts on “Day 278: Wisdom 101

  1. Pete — great reminder to “do not be wise in your own estimation.” I’m grateful for you and for God’s promise that if anyone lacks wisdom, there is a wisdom from above all can ask for in faith and it will be granted generously without reproach.

    The only thing wiser is putting it into practice. If we know these things we will be blessed if we do them.

    Simple, not easy.

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