Day 279: Quality and quantity…

There is one statement and 3 questions in this ccd blog that are critical to understanding the BTL Process. First the statement…….

“If you believe all virtue is built going against your nature, you’ll see the immense value in training the brain. Your best training is to gain clarity within and with your aim.” 

And we have all experienced this idea of going against our nature in anything, it’s a collision of thoughts, fear, doubt, panic and sometimes catastrophic thinking. And if you’re around BTL long enough you’re going to hear the words, practice, training, baby step it, more Kairos moments, write and slow down. This is what our clients sign up for, the hard work of practicing, training and realizing, there is a second nature and when you get a taste of that second nature it is hard to turn back, Core Centered and Self-Controlling.

And now let’s look at the 3 questions Chet stated…..

These 3 questions are at the heart of our BTL Process, the Building of Personal Excellence. You can’t build your Core if you’re unwilling to sit with YOU and do the work! I want to share a story that happened early in my life and opened the door for some deeper thinking.

I was 19 years old enrolled at UK in Lexington Ky., playing football and things were not going well. A former teacher of mine had told me about a Benedictine Monastary named Gethsemane. It’s been around for 140+ years and sits on approx. 2,500 acres in the hills of Ky. My former teacher and friend encouraged me to go meet the Abbott of the Monastary, Father Timothy, the guy who runs it all! I go down for the day and meet Father Timothy, writer, thinker, wise and kind. He probably saw a very confused young 19-year-old and was kind enough to share his time with me.

As we walked the Monastary grounds I saw 6 monks dressed differently than the other Monks and I asked why dressed differently? He simply stated they were new Monks. I asked about their background’s, and he said all of them were well educated, some with Doctorates, MBA’s and some with working experience etc… He then said 3 have already decided to leave after just a few months and he suspected maybe one would make it and I asked why? He laughed and said, here is the short answer, “When you come here it’s just you and God and most of these men meet themselves for the first time, and it can be a brutal meeting. Because they realize they have no clue as to who they are and why they’re here in the first place.”

That day left a profound impact on my life, school looked a lot better after that meeting and I did start to think more about what Father Timothy was saying!

Do you know who you are?

Do you know why you’re here?

Do you know where you are going? 

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