Day 280: Flow…

“The first essential for finding and sustaining flow is love. You’ve got to Love Your Aim.” I witness flow regularly on our Friday morning team call’s. Our BTL Team of Builders is so diverse in so many ways it’s hard to describe. Andy has been on board 2 years now and here’s a guy that was a former rowing coach at a division one school and won a national championship. We have Rachel who found her dream job coaching softball at Stanford. Managing large budgets, travel, parents, administrator’s and athletes who sometimes are wondering, do they really love their sport.

I thought I understood flow, I have studied it, I have experienced it and I know the power of flow. AND when I hear Andy and Rachel talk about coaching high performance athletes and what it takes to win National Championships, well, you just get a whole new perspective on flow. Add that to 8 other crazy Builders on a Friday morning and the only description I have for some of those calls is FLOW! We regularly lose all sense of time, it’s a very challenging environment, high energy, enjoyable, clarity of aim, lots of Love and we share a crazy (what I call) a monomaniacal Love for what we are doing and that adds up to an optimal setting for the state of FLOW!

It’s never to late to pour yourself into what you truly love to do! I worked in a business for 25 plus years, President of the company, enjoyed going to work, loved my long-time customers, great life with Chris and kids who soon would be in college. Life was very Comfortable!

However, what I truly loved was the work I was doing in the evenings, at a breakfast, lunch or dinner, teaching, reading, coaching and pouring myself into leadership! Losing myself in the flow of reading late into the night and Chris yelling at me to go to bed! And then one day my coach at the time (Chet) gives me a challenge after a year of coaching, quit talking about it, whining about it and pick a date you for when you walk out the door and start doing what you love to do! I picked one date and it came and went and then I got another brick to the head by my coach and that date stuck! I have never looked back! I love what I do and when you love what you do, you will experience flow.

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