Day 326…The gift


I have found great comfort in studying, contemplating, and praying with time. Not studying about time but studying with time.

Time is so misunderstood.

One of the clearest aspects of time is that it is the same for all of us.

“You have the same amount of time that Mohammed Ali and Bruce Lee had,” was a reminder that I had posted on my refrigerator for over a decade.

It really is not about wasting time. Time cannot be wasted. It is not yours to waste. You do not have any influence on the amount of time you have to do – anything.

One might think they have today to fix that relationship or to reach out to a friend or a parent.

Do not let time fool you – YOU DO NOT HAVE IT.

You may or may not believe me.

Ask Chet.


Time is a gift from the Almighty. It is like so many things around us: air, water, gravity.

Spending some time with time will deepen your experience of it.

Chet, thank you for reminding us all about time.

The gift is time, it is the present.

Yes, the present is presence.

Be with, today.




Do you have time to spend time with time?

1 thought on “Day 326…The gift

  1. Another beautiful and deeply meaningful entry, dear brother Jim. Thank you. My teacher regarding time is C.S. Lewis. Here is one of his most memorable messages re: time that challenges me daily:

    ‘There is no other day. All days are present now. This moment contains all moments.’
    – The Great Divorce

    Thank you, Jim, for blessing us so greatly with your investment of Time in us this month! I am loving every moment.

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