Day 333…Amos and Danny

Sviatoslav Richter is considered one of the greatest piano players ever.

He was known for his technical perfection. He believed it was his calling to play his amazing array of music as the composer meant for it to be played. No additions, no subtractions, no personal emphasis on any piece or part.

Enter Andrei Gavrilov. Forty years younger, he, too, was considered among the greatest piano players. He was different.

Both men have incredible life stories. Both struggled to perform their music under the oppression of the USSR.

Earlier this month, I posted a video showing Richter and Gavrilov playing a work from Handel together, turning the pages for one another, in 1979.

I am going to post two videos today. In the first, Gavrilov plays one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Watch him move in and out of the zone and watch Richter as well. Can you see the deep love and appreciation these two men have for this beautiful music, but also how they feel it, perceive, and play it so differently?

In the second video, which you will have to work in order to see (due to copyrights), I will fast forward you to a scene from the documentary, “The Enigma,” which is the story of Richter’s life. He reads letters about his experience with Gavrilov….it is fascinating.

Go to youtube and type in: The Enigma Part 2 (Subtitled) and begin watching at 58:30…

There is great magic to be found in difference.




2 thoughts on “Day 333…Amos and Danny

  1. Amen, brother Jim! So beautiful. The power of music and art in our human experience is a taste of heaven, in my humble view. Thank you for sharing this introduction to these two masters of their craft. There is indeed great impact to be found in our difference grounded in a shared commitment to excellence. We experience it every Friday morning with the Band. And…what a sweet surprise… I smiled toward the end of the second video clip as I was thinking about my favorite composer, Haydn…Richter beat me to it.

    I’ve been so blessed by your writing this month! Thank you, Jim. I am so grateful for you!

  2. Thank You Jim!
    I just finished reading Chets Blog, Day 334 Wasichu.., and I immediately thought of your post yesterday and the new perspective you have helped me create about Classical music! Very interesting video’s and the story they tell!
    “The wider our perspective, the more we unite with those unlike ourselves.” C. Scott, Day 334, BTL Daily Reader.

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