Day 334…Read, write and contemplate

Since I already stole Chet’s words for day 334 for Thanksgiving, I have an open mic.

Read! Write! Contemplate!

If you spend any amount of time with the BTL crew, you will for certain hear this melody line played out over and over.

My own journey has been propelled forward by this simple process.

Choose your books ‘with intent’.


Write your thoughts down. First, any thoughts, just get them on paper, then later go back and refine those thoughts.

Then, think deeply about what you have learned. What did you in fact learn? What do you need to do with this new knowledge?

Lastly, write, again. Right?

Find a new book.

Rinse and repeat.

It was this very process that allowed me enough space to…accept? Expand?

The BBTL book is not a book. It is a discovery of oneself.




PS Add Pray! And Live!

Sound easy? Think again. If you don’t believe Chet and me ask one great actor and overall cool dude, Matthew McConaughey:

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