Be good. Do good. Be with…

Jim Gant (both of ‘em) love this phrase. They credit it to me. When studying the life of John Adams, I discovered his nightly prayer with his children. He didn’t have a lot of time, you know, back in the Revolution, so he was ccd. Every night he kissed them and told them:

Be good. Do good.

Jesus dealt with fear in his followers similarly. When the disciples would get overwhelmed upon entering a new town, they would run to the master and beg to skip this place. It was too much. They were too little. Jesus would smile and tell them this:

Go. Be with.

We are all imitators. It matters of whom. Slow down and reflect. Slow down. Good (borrowed that from the SEALs).

Live hard. Love harder (learned that from Teeks modeling the way)…

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