Day 347…Friends

“Friends are the family we choose.” – Edna Buchman

Your friendships are one of the major ways that you are going to experience life.

Choose your friends, wisely. Choose them as if your life depended on it because one day it just might. Remember, these chosen friends will share in all your major victories and crushing defeats.

You must be prepared to accept your friends’ help during times of peril. This past year every single one of the BTL band has suffered very pinpoint and personal pain and we have always come together to offer love, faith and hope to one another.

Let me break day 347 down using my Chet shorthand:

“Pain is coming, and you won’t be able to choose when or how it comes. Prepare for this by learning to ‘be with.’ Learn to be a good friend. Be there for others and when the wolf knocks on your door, you will have more than enough friends to help you fend off the fangs and claws that the big, bad wolf brings with him.”

The wolf prefers to attack those who are isolated…ensure none of your friends become isolated.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends. It is one of the ways that I am certain that God loves me. No man is surrounded by more loving and powerful friends than I.




From “The Inner Voice of Love” by Henri J.M. Nouwen

1 thought on “Day 347…Friends

  1. Jim,

    Your writing this month (Nov./Dec.) has been a wonderful gift for all! Your life experiences and the stories you have shared have deeply impacted my thinking, my perspective and simply enriched my life!
    Thank you Jim!

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