Day 348…Text, tweet, or talk…

I am going to attempt to do what Chet does for us all each day with the BBTL book.

It can be difficult to get clarity when you are discussing complex topics such as leadership, relationships, communications, etc.

What the BBTL book and the BBTL framework do for me is give me a playbook. I am on a journey of discovery, and I need plays. I need a plan. And then I need people around me who are playing the game as it is meant to be played…

This is but one of the foundational pillars I have determined in spending time becoming built to lead.

So, as gifts go, here is one of my most hard-earned ones, with the melody line of day 348:

The more heartfelt your contact is with someone, the more moving it will be to them – as a leader you need to feel yourself what you hope will inspire your team.




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