Day 352: Exceptions…

…as the saying goes, prove the rule.

The proof is in your culture.

In Angela Duckworth’s book Grit, she postulates this formula:

_____________________ x TALENT = SKILL

_____________________ x SKILL = ACCOMPLISHMENT

If you want a sustainable high-performance culture, do not make exceptions around talent. Talent is over-rated (thank you Geoff Colvin). Many a team of 5-star recruits never amount to much — self-centered/other-controlling talent is a toxic nightmare.

If you want a sustainable high-performance culture, do not make exceptions around skill. My brother-in-law is Chief of Staff in a hospital system with some of the mostly highly skilled physicians in their field but they only care about their silo. They are a PITA to lead — and no one wants to work with them.

If you want a sustainable high-performance culture, do not make exceptions around accomplishment. Many heads-of-systems are held hostage by their high-performing prima donnas and the culture suffers from their failure of nerve. Simon (Sinek) says they are easy to spot. Just ask around to find the most toxic person in the workplace.

What rule are you following? What exceptions are you making? What kind of culture do you want?

Remember, every leader has exactly the team he/she deserves. Only make exceptions around ones whose character you trust who are giving exemplary EFFORT .

If you want to eliminate self-centered/other-controlling behavior, silos, PITAs, and complacency from your culture, don’t make exceptions around anything else.

And make the time and make the investment for intentional, deliberate BTL practice with your team. On the BTL practice field, there is nowhere to hide. Only core-centered/self-controlling teammates will stick around, and together with exemplary effort they will transform your culture into ONE of sustainable high-performance — distinct and deeply connected.

That’s the ONE you want to rule without exception.

What’s the PA for today? Well, what exceptions have you been making? What self-centered/other behavior, silos, PITAs and complacency have you been tolerating? Write. Get to the root why. Then take a courage pill and act.

Done so.

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