Day 353: My way IS the highway…

…to the promised land of your Dream State as you live out your OPUS on your Builder’s Journey.

No why? No way. Know your why? Know your way.

The higher your why, the greater your super-highway. Leaders with a compelling O-verarching Vision and P-urpose inspire like-minded others to on-ramp into distinct lanes of their own.

U-nifying Strategies are your roadmap for navigation, and your S-corecard tracks significant mile-markers along the way.

Even though the ultimate Dream State is clear, the highway to get there is always under construction. When figuring out the next stretch of road, leaders with a strong CORE are like Curious George, seeking input from their team. Then, when the trail is scented, the BTL leader’s rallying call is CCD — “My way IS the highway!”

“My way IS the highway” is not “My way OR the highway.” The former is CORE-centered/self-controlling; the latter is self-centered/others-controlling. Big difference. Milk-toast leaders with a weak core are like Highway George, seemingly seeking input from their teams when their mind is already made up. This isn’t curiosity–it’s not-so-subtle manipulation–and teams can smell the difference.

At BTL, leaders are believers and leaders are connectors. BTL leaders are Curious George when they don’t know the way and “My way IS the highway” when they do. They do not mix them.

Do you know your why? Have you authored your OPUS? Are you Curious George when you don’t know the way? Are you “My way IS the highway” when you do, or is your tendency to be more like Highway George? If so, why?

Reflect, write, act.

Done so.

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